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Our Team

The Olympus central team are based at Winterbourne Academy, although staff regularly work across all our sites. Correspondence should be sent to our registered address which is Bradley Stoke Community School, Fiddlers Wood Lane, Bradley Stoke, BS32 9BS. You can email staff using their name and
(i.e. or telephone us using 01454 252 013.

Executive Leadership

Dave Baker | Chief Executive Officer

  • Overall strategic leadership of the Trust, including ethos, culture and direction
  • Overall responsibility for leadership, governance and all staff
  • OAT Trustee, accountable to the Board of Trustees
  • Accounting Officer for the Trust, overall responsible for compliance and finance
  • Responsibility for line management and performance of Trust central team and
  • Headteachers
  • Responsibility for outward-facing relationships with the Department for Education, the
  • Regional Schools Commissioner, the Education Funding Agency, other Trusts and the wider educational community
  • Responsibility for Trust reputation and growth and our capacity to support Trust member schools to improve year on year
  • Elected member of the South West Headteacher Board, working in this capacity for a day a week
  • National Leader of Education, supporting other Trusts, schools and leaders as needed

Claire Banks | Executive Headteacher

  • Support the strategic development of the Trust with an emphasis on Teaching and Learning
  • Support schools with their self-evaluation, school development and improvement planning
  • Co-ordinate opportunities for all schools to have access to high quality external providers, identifying and sharing good practice within the Trust
  • Continue to foster high aspirations for all schools and students across the Trust
  • Take a lead on leadership training and development
  • Support the role of Lead Practitioners across the Trust, ensuring effective deployment of support
  • Support Headteachers and Senior leaders with developments within their schools · Promote cohesiveness across the Trust

Business, Finance and Premises

Julia Anwar | Head of Business Operations

  • To contribute to the strategic development of The Trust as a member of the Executive
  • Management Team (EMT), to ensure the provision of an efficient finance and accounting function and to ensure that The Olympus Academy Trust meets all its statutory and legal duties with regard to finance including the filing and reporting of statutory accounts.
  • To ensure financial sustainability of the Trust in conjunction with the CEO and individual school Headteachers
  • To have overall responsibility for management of the Trust’s finances and premises
  • To have overall responsibility for the development and implementation of strategic HR policies working with the Head of Human Resources
  • To produce a Trust budget for review by the individual school Headteachers, the CEO and the Board of Trustees to inform strategic business planning and decision making; ensuring the staffing model is affordable and sustainable in financial management terms.
  • To be responsible for the procurement of Trust-wide contracts
    Maintain professional development and participate in relevant networking and CPD events
  • To keep the CEO and Board of Trustees up to date with the latest national EFA changes/guidance
  • To review Trust policies, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with various external regulations including filing deadlines for VAT, PAYE, EFA, HMRC and Companies House
  • To be responsible for the generation of income in the Trust.
  • To have direct responsibility for the implementation of health & safety procedures throughout the Trust.
  • To contribute to the planning, development and future direction of the Trust through the provision of sound financial advice to the CEO, individual school Headteachers and Board of Trustees
  • To have overall responsibility for management of the Trust’s premises and external hiring of the facilities for the Trust. 

Simon Hyett | Operations Manager (Premises)


  • Lead premises operations across OAT.
  • Ensure that our site systems, maintenance activity and work practices are safe and provide fully for the needs of each school.
  • Ensure that our site staff are adequately trained, work is properly organised and performance is monitored.
  • Ensure that our maintenance arrangements serve to protect and preserve the buildings, plant and equipment and provide best value.
  • Ensure that SafetyMark re-accreditation is achieved for premises at the previous level or higher.
  • Ensure that SafetyMark audits are undertaken and premises accreditation is achieved at each school.
  • Ensure that effective premises support systems, monitoring regimes and Trust wide cost savings are in place.
  • Ensure that building or refurbishment projects already planned or underway before the school joined OAT are completed and that defects periods are properly supervised and concluded.
  • Devise asbestos management plans for each school and ensure that the schools comply with all H&S approved codes of practice and statutory regulation.
    Implement an effective premises helpdesk system at each school.
  • Assist the school with the delivery of refurbishment projects and premises issues as required.
  • Support OAT premises staff that are working at PCC prior to the school becoming part of OAT.
  • Examine site operations at PCC and work to promote a successful transition to OAT.
  • Provide and/or arrange condition surveys and building maintenance
    plans for all OAT properties.
  • Establish and agree an expenditure plan for formula funding which addresses
    the priority need at OAT schools.
  • Hold regular premises meetings at each school and ensure resulting
    action plans are completed.

 Human Resources

Tracy Smillie | Business Manager (HR) (CRD, MBK, SLP)

Roles and Responsibilities

Line managed by Jodi Hallett, I will liaise closely with the 3 Headteachers of the above schools, along with the Executive Headteachers allocated to these schools.

  • Provide initial HR advice
  • Maintain the Single Central Records
  • Co-ordinate new staff appointments and leavers
  • Maintain SIMs Personnel Files
  • Along with the Business Manager for Finance at the 3 schools above, maintain Payroll data e.g. pension information, overtime, unpaid leave etc
  • Maintain staff files
  • Make Occupational Health Referrals
  • Monitor staff absence/sickness
  • Jointly line manage staff in 3 primary school offices


Jane Williamson | Business Manager (Premises) (PCS)

I am the Hub Business Manager for Patchway Community School. I work 4 days a week I work closely with the Headteachers, staff and site teams.

My main duties are:

  • To prepare a balanced budget for approval by the Finance and Resources committee.
  • To monitor and approve expenditure on a regular basis.
  • To monitor all income (and chase debtors where necessary).
  • To produce monthly reports for the Headteachers.
  • To ensure each school operates within EFA/Trust guidelines and levels of delegation are maintained.
  • Line manage the staff within the school offices.
  • Liaise with the site teams and Operations Managers to ensure contracts and regular maintenance is undertaken and contracts are in place.
  • Be responsible for Health and safety ensuring the Safety Mark audit is up to date.

School Improvement Practitioners


Erica Wolstenholme | SENCo

Support available:

  • To support schools to prepare a strategic plan for SEND to contribute to the SEF
  • To develop termly action plans so that the leadership team and all key stakeholders are clear about the tasks to complete and quality assurance measures are in place.
  • To support schools to audit their SEND provision to ensure that support is used strategically and does not exceed their SEND budget.
  • To provide whole school CPD on SEND.
  • To support schools in meeting their statutory responsibilities for SEND.
  • To support schools in gathering evidence and making an application for an EHCP.
  • To support schools in developing closing the gap strategies for students with an EHCP or SEN support.
  • To provide coaching for teachers in personalising the curriculum for SEND students.
  • To represent the Olympus Trust at Strategic meetings across the LA for SEND issues as requested by the Chief Executive, Executive Heads and Head teachers.


Andy Davies | Lead Practitioner: Maths

  • NQT and new staff support and mentoring
  • Leading CPD on aspects of teaching and learning with a particular focus on reasoning, questioning and behaviour management
  • Support for Year 5-8 transition in conjunction with the primary maths lead practitioner
  • Modelling and demonstrating lessons for staff to observe
  • Facilitating and organising cross-trust and cross-phase observations for staff
  • Assisting heads of maths with data analysis and SSE work including learning walks and collecting student voice · Development and resourcing of schemes of work for KS3-5
  • Running targeted intervention sessions for students including ‘walking-talking’ mocks in preparation for exams
  • Any other support relating to teaching and learning in maths as requested by centres


Natasha Finch | Lead Practitioner: English

What I can offer:
  • Support staff with new curriculum at KS3
  • Support staff with new GCSE curriculum, particularly Eduqas
  • Strengthen transition between Years 5-8
  • Writing English schemes of work to suit the requirements of a department
  • Support NQTs
  • Coaching for underperforming English teachers
  • Work with individual schools to support particular needs


Asima Qureshi | Lead Practitioner: Science

  • Improve transition in Science between Years 5-8
  • Provide CPD and support all newly qualified teachers
  • Work with individual schools to support their needs
  • Support an assessment system to ensure progress is made
  • To develop an enriched Science curriculum, which gives children the opportunities to take part in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  • Facilitate a Science network for primary schools across the trust which will enable teachers to access a wider range of resources and support
  • To work with Science leaders in schools to gain an overview of the strengths and areas for development of all Science departments.

IT Support

Sam Hill | IT Senior Technician

Responsible for day to day problem solving, but also able to support with more complex issues around hardware installation, machine configuration and imaging, software installation and account set up.

Mike Jeanes | Network Operations Manager

Responsibilities include: managing the helpdesk and IT support team day to day, allocating staff across the trust, ensuring policies and procedures are followed and maintaining centre support. Line management of technicians.

Mark Rudman | OAT eLearning Coordinator

Responsible for supporting with elearning tools including the OAT portal, Frog, staff training, account configuration and researching elearning resources.

Steve Tell | OAT ICT Technical Director

Responsibilities include: forward planning for the OAT network, planning network expansion, migrating new centres, upgrading infrastructure, researching new technologies and keeping up-to-date with technological developments, ensuring we meet all current related legislation and providing technical information for decisions Network security. Line Management of Operations director.

Sarah Barker | Data and Assessment Lead

  • Responsibility for the overall OAT data strategy and preparation of headline figures at the school and trust level for Trust Director and Governor review
  • Liaison with Head Teachers and other key staff to gather and assimilate relevant school data.
  • Liaison with school data teams and the local authority to ensure that consistent and relevant data is collected through SIMS
  • Overview of data collation and processing packages used within the Trust; Data and Assessment policies
  • Strategic overview of Data and Assessment teams within schools


Susie Beresford-Wylie | Safeguarding Lead

I have worked in the area of welfare and child protection for over 20 years, both for schools and within Local Authority Social Care and Education teams. As the current Child Protection Lead in BSCS and with leadership responsibility for behaviour, welfare, SEN, PSHE and attendance I welcome the opportunity for child protection and safeguarding to be a focus across our growing trust. As a member of the CSE Sub-group, the education representative with the CYP Mental Health task group and a member of the Healthy Schools steering group, I am keen for our schools to share practice which benefits all students and anti-bullying and promoting resilience work is a key area for both Primary and Secondary Trust schools.

In this post I will be able to provide you with the following advice and support:

  • Help to complete the OAT Safeguarding Audit. This is a useful tool for all OAT schools enabling us to assess current strengths and areas for development and brings together all elements of safeguarding such as safer recruitment, online safety, early help processes, staff training and much, much more
  • As someone needing to constantly balance safeguarding needs against thresholds and access to specialist support, I can offer you consultation about cases and help you to review thresholds in order to problem solve and move forward
  • With the importance of safeguarding recording and monitoring being of paramount importance to our schools, I can review internal systems and make recommendations where required
  • I can offer you support with training and materials
  • I can provide updates about guidance and links to relevant resources and research
  • I believe that keeping children is also about access to information and support, a need for curriculums to provide opportunities for learning about safe and unsafe behaviours and that building our own internal capacity to promote well-being is the foundation for confident, safe and happy students who attend school and make the progress we need them to make.
Admissions and Marketing

Lisa Stevens | Admissions Coordinator

  • Writing the Admissions Policy each year for ratification by Directors
  • Staying up to date with changes to legislation and Schools Adjudicator guidance
  • Running consultations on changes to policy
  • Advising the schools/head teachers on policy and legislation where required
  • Attending LGB and Directors meetings where appropriate to report on admissions and advise on consultations
  • Actively marketing the under-subscribed schools to parents who enquire about the over-subscribed schools within the Trust
  • Preparing standard forms and documentation to be used across all the schools
  • Liaising with the Local Authority Admissions team and Planning Strategy Manager schools for bulk September intakes
  • Investigating applications that appear to be misleading or fraudulent
  • Presenting to and advising the OAT Admissions and Appeals Panel on fraudulent applications and requests for delayed entry
  • Liaising with the SG Legal and Democratic Services team to run appeal hearings
  • Writing the School Cases for appeal hearings
  • Representing the schools at in-year and bulk appeal hearings
  • Checking the school websites to ensure compliance with the Admissions Code
  • Provide information and policies to update the websites
  • Dealing with all in-year enquiries; managing the waiting lists; offering or refusing places
  • Attending parent meetings with the Heads if required
  • Setting up pre-admissions groups if required
  • Assisting with the import of the new intakes if required


Katie Stobbart | Marketing Lead

Marketing Collateral
  • Business Cards, Compliments slips, Promotional banners, Pens/Pencils
  • Re-design and migration of school websites (new joiners only)
  • Prospectuses (on request, funded by schools, project managed by ML)
  • Marketing materials for new schools joining (newsletter header, letterheads, business cards, new website, signage, plaque, email signatures, pantone colours)

Secure corporate and individual school brand awareness

  • All Trust websites contain well publicised, up-to-date, and accurate and easily accessible information, and is structured to enhance user experience.
  • Trust schools use consistently high quality marketing products that showcase their provision and setting in a positive way.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Design and delivery of OAT Newsletter annually
  • Managing OAT Twitter feed and website
  • Creation of video montages for schools on request
  • Focus groups to understand stakeholder feedback and views (on request)

Business Development

  • PGCE Open Events and MAT Open Days
  • Staff training (marketing focus)
  • Design and delivery of open day flyers/banners
  • Strategic meetings with HTs and Grebot Donnelly
  • Income generation proposition (in plan for 2016/17)
  • Update and deliver Marketing Toolkit for new joiners
Teacher Training

Jenny Sutton Kirby | Co-ordinator for Initial Teaching Training

  • Co-ordinating the School Direct PGCE programmes 2016-17 (Computer Science, Product Design, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Primary)
  • Co-ordinating the School Direct PGCE programmes marketing for 17-18 (Computer Science, Product Design, Art, Maths, English, MFL, PE, History, Geography, RE, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Primary)
  • Liaison with UWE re: Partnership working
  • Representative on SW School Direct group
  • Leading Returning to Teaching Programme
  • Leading School Experience Programme